LATAMAX - is helping Chinese brands go global with the solutions for Independent E-commerce stores i


Nowadays, with the market demandand many ways for brands to go global, Chinese brands are steadily growingoverseas, focusing not only on the target market, but also paying moreattention to brand premiums and order conversions. Independent E-commercestores became a primary tool for traditional foreign trade enterprises andcross-border e-commerce sellers for achieving brand transformation. With Amazonincreasing it`s commission, more and more sellers are switching to theindependent E-commerce stores, driving the growth of the related services.

The biggest advantage ofthe independent E-commerce store is absence of limitations in comparison withbig marketplaces, which means sellers can set their own rules, self-manage inventory,commissions and find more ways to save on operational costs. Independent E-commercestores also allow sellers to build their own websites, do the branding andestablish their enterprise`s image, letting effective brand strategy lead tohigh performance and long-lasting advantages for the sellers.

LATAMAX-Chile can provide sellers with drop-shipping service and otherlogistics solutions for the independent E-commerce stores.

With 7 regular air freightshipments and 3 sea freight shipments per week, or multi-modal shipment thatguarantees arrival of cargo to the destination point within 19 days, sellerscan choose the shipment option that will match their operations. As for the warehousingservices, such as sorting, storage, direct delivery - modernized warehousingand distribution services can meet all specific needs of the sellers. Lowinventory solution can help sellers customize the whole process from purchasingto final distribution which helps control the risks caused by sloppy inventoryand improve the capital turnover rate.

LATAMAX, a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Wells Shipping Agency, focuses on Sino-Latin Americancross-border e-commerce logistics. It has set up 11 consolidation points inChina, with a total of 30,000 square meters of warehouses located in Mexico,Chile and Brazil.

LATAMAX, primary LatinAmerican cross-border logistics service provider is relying on Wells' extensiveindustry resources, rich international logistics experience and leadingtechnology,   providing stable, fast andcost-effective FIRST LEG LOGSITICS, WAREHOUSING,E-EXPRESSand premier solutions for hundreds of e-commerce enterprises and platforms.

Latamax CBL Ltd is a subsidiary of the Wells Shipping Agency.

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