LATAMAX overseas warehouse in Mexico, help Chinese sellers operate their business steadily

The cross-border e-commercemarket is developing rapidly, and there are various overseas warehouses in the market,it’s difficult for Chinese sellers who lack experience to choose the suitableoverseas warehouse service.

Recently, LATAMAX launchedit`s own overseas warehouse in Mexico, which provides sellers with for ordermanagement, SKU management, drop-shipping, lower-cost storage, repackaging andrelabeling, replenishment, reserve logistics services and solution   for independent E-commerece stores etc.Precise product service positioning, efficient warehouse delivery service andvisual management of the overseas warehouse makes it easy for sellers to makecomprehensive comparison and choose the most suitable one.

Majority of the after-salesproblems in cross-border e-commerce are caused mostly by logistics errors.Overseas warehousing not only can help Chinese sellers to seize the market andimprove the circulation and competitiveness of products. but also establish agood shopping experience for overseas buyers, which can truly make shoppingeasy without leaving home.

The products shippeddirectly from overseas warehousing which can shorten the delivery   time and lower the transportation cost, onlinetracking system can monitor delivery status of the parcel, reduce the quantityof damage and the lost parcels, and improve the customs clearance process. Alldifferent kinds of products are fully prepared in warehouse that can helpbuyers to easily return or exchange the products.

It can be said,overseaswarehouseing are becoming "after-sales customer service" of cross-bordere-commerce.

LATAMAX, a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Wells Shipping Agency, focuses on Sino-Latin Americancross-border e-commerce logistics. It has set up 11 consolidation points inChina, with a total of 30,000 square meters of warehouses located in Mexico,Chile and Brazil.

LATAMAX, primary LatinAmerican cross-border logistics service provider is relying on Wells' extensiveindustry resources, rich international logistics experience and leadingtechnology,   providing stable, fast andcost-effective FIRST LEG LOGSITICS, WAREHOUSING,E-EXPRESSand premier solutions for hundreds of e-commerce enterprises and platforms.

Latamax CBL Ltd is a subsidiary of the Wells Shipping Agency.

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